The #iwill Ambassador story

12 November 2020

‘Leaders of tomorrow’? Leaders of now.

Read the story of how #iwill Ambassadors have championed change – and transformed themselves.

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Report written by Freya Trevor-Harris, Step Up To Serve, in collaboration with Aidan Thompson and Sarah Ritzenthaler, Jubilee Centre.

All children and young people should be supported and empowered to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and broader society. Over the last seven years, the #iwill Ambassadors have done just this. Their common goal has been to change the way that young people are seen in the UK. To demonstrate that young people are neither powerless nor to blame for society’s ills. 

In this report, produced by the #iwill campaign in collaboration with The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, we explore the story of the #iwill Ambassadors, how the programme began, the impact they have made, and how they themselves have developed over the course of their social action.

We also share practical tips and reflections from Ambassadors on what it takes to create a meaningful youth voice project, and link to some helpful further reading. The report draws together case studies, survey findings, and insights from interviews held by Jubilee Centre researchers with #iwill Ambassadors. It is threaded throughout with reflections from #iwill Ambassadors themselves.


“Being an Ambassador adds fuel to the fire that is my desire to make change. It adds confidence to me knowing that I am backed by an organisation that wants to hear what I want to say. It makes me feel taken seriously. It is all I want in a world that can sometimes refuse to hear the voices of young people.”

#iwill Ambassador Yetunde, 18, London.


Introduced by:

#iwill Ambassador, Claire, 16.

“Young people are innovators, our minds are filled with hope and vision for the change that we want to see in the world. We are ready to step up to the challenge of being that change for our society.”


Rania, CEO of Step Up To Serve, the charity which coordinates the #iwill Campaign.

“It has been an enormous privilege to work with our Ambassadors, and to see them grow and develop. Over the years, I’ve seen young people shift strategies, command a room full of leaders, and challenge the status quo with courage and grace…”


Professor James Arthur OBE, Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.

“It is a vitally important programme that has celebrated some exceptional young people. Each Ambassador is an exemplar for others to aspire to and learn from in achieving meaningful and impactful social action…”

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