Code of conduct

We require all our partners to follow this code of conduct, so that everyone involved in the #iwill movement can provide the best possible experience for young people, whilst keeping them safe.

This code of conduct will support you to feel confident in engaging with young people as part of the #iwill movement.

This code of conduct is to be used when engaging with #iwill Ambassadors and Champions.


What is an #iwill Ambassador?

#iwill Ambassadors are young people who are recognised by the #iwill movement for the amazing work they’re doing to make a difference in their communities through youth social action. They are aged between 10 – 25 and are either nominated by #will partners or self-nominated. Across the UK, #iwill Ambassadors are taking action on the matters important to them. This includes mentoring and supporting their peers, to tackling bullying, working to combat mental health issues, battling single-use plastic, and much more. You can read their stories here.

#iwill Ambassadors, are given a platform to share their stories and experiences about the causes that matter most to them. It’s a chance to raise the profile of these causes, get more young people involved in social action and to inspire change.

They play a key role in the #iwill movement, informing decisions at every level as well as speaking out on our social media channels. They also are involved in events, opportunities, and consultations, usually hosted by #iwill partners. If you think you have any opportunity for #iwill Ambassadors, please get in touch with us or complete this form here.


About Youth Social Action

What does great youth social action look like? High quality activities will meet six principles including:

  • Be youth-led
  • Be challenging
  • Have social impact
  • Allow progression to other opportunities
  • Be embedded in a young person’s life
  • Enable reflection about the value of the activity

The higher the quality of the social action, the more likely it is to benefit both the young people involved and the communities or causes they are trying to help.

Our support to #iwill Ambassadors is based on the principles of youth work – voluntary participation by young people, trusted relationship with an adult, open and inclusive programmes, and a safe space to try new things and develop young people’s voices.


As a partner or supporter of the #iwill movement, you agree to always:

  • Champion the voices of young people, valuing and taking their contributions seriously and respecting their opinions
  • Treat young people fairly and without prejudice or discrimination including respecting differences in gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, ethnicity, identity, disability and religious belief, appreciating that all participants bring something valuable and different to the opportunity at hand
  • Avoid favouritism
  • Be patient with others
  • Communicate honestly and respectfully with youth workers and young people
  • Respect the privacy of young people
  • Understand that young people are individuals with individual needs
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour (such as offensive language, discrimination and prejudice) and support the #iwill Coordination Hub team to create a safe and welcoming environment
  • Comply with all applicable UK laws and guidance
  • Remember you may be viewed as a role model for young people and act accordingly, bringing a positive attitude, showing up on time, and engaging willingly in activities and games


For online opportunities and events, please also:

  • Ensure people in any shared spaces such as a shared office, meeting room or hall, who are not participating in the online event have been informed that the event is taking place and that they use appropriate language and behaviour if nearby
  • Where possible, ensure your backdrop is a neutral environment with no personal or inappropriate items on display


Safeguarding young people

All adults who come into contact with children and young people in their work have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their welfare. If, during your opportunity or event, you are;

  1. Approached by a child, young person or adult at risk with a disclosure, that they are being, or have been harmed or abused or neglected OR
  2. You are concerned that a child, young person or adult at risk is, or may be subject to abuse or harm


You have a responsibility to:

  • Make a written note of the information / observation, and include a record of the time, date and person present
  • Inform the youth worker or UK Youth staff member supporting the #iwill Ambassador or Champion as soon as possible
  • Not pass on the information to anyone else, except the people noted above

UK Youth’s full Safeguarding Policy and Procedure can be read here and for any questions or concerns please contact our safeguarding officer David Watts,; 07738 588140.


Upholding the Code of Conduct

As a partner or supporter of #iwill, you agree to follow this Code of Conduct at all times. If there is any cause to believe that you have acted in a way that undermines this code, we may ask you to pause your engagement while we investigate the issue.

If you have any questions about appropriate behaviour, please contact us. We understand that this setting might be unusual to you and we are committed to giving you what you need so that you can have the greatest possible positive impact on the lives of young people.

Thank you so much for your continued support of #iwill and young people. Please direct any questions about #iwill, this code of conduct or anything else to


We look forward to working with you!

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