10 years


#iwill Ambassador

“The first time that I felt I was truly making a difference was when I initially started doing social action with the Cardiff and Vale Youth Board.”

“I feel I can use my voice, my background and story to amplify the voices of other young people like myself.”


#iwill Ambassador from Glasgow

  • “I thought raising awareness of disabilities would lead to a more inclusive and diverse environment.”
  • “It has led me to disability activism where I can advocate for all disabled students to be heard and authentically be themselves.”
  • “My journey is just beginning and you can join me on this wonderful ride.”
Fatimah, #iwill Ambassador taking part in social action


#iwill Ambassador Alumni from Blackburn 

  • “For the future I hope no one is left behind and that no young person feels voiceless. That they are able to shape the country they are growing up in.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed listening and talking to others from across the country on their social action journeys.”


#iwill Ambassador Alumni from London

  • “I started off as a mentor to 500 young wheelchair users in my teens.”
  • “I was, and am still, the only person like me in most rooms that I walk into.”
  • “We’ve all got to believe that we can set out to make a change.”


#iwill Ambassador from Liverpool 

  • “My youth social action journey started when I was 14. I realised I could make a difference when I did my first project with the LFC Foundation youth panel.”
  • “It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m just proud to say that I am part of the #iwill Movement.”
Previous #iwill Ambassador speaking at an event


CEO of Youth Leads and #iwill Ambassador Alumni from Manchester

  • “Making sure that young people are at the table, their voices not just heard but acted upon.”
  • “My message to young people who are thinking about getting involved in social action, do it! You never know the difference it will make.”


#iwill Ambassador from the Highlands

  • “Becoming an Ambassador has provided me with a wealth of skills. I’ve had access to training opportunities, networking and a community that feels like home.”
  • “Together we can create change. We as people can achieve it.”
#iwill Ambassador Therese


#iwill Ambassador from Belfast

  • “Young people are far more capable than we ever given them credit for.”
  • “If you have something in your life that you are passionate about, that puts a fire in your belly, let that fire be the thing that sparks change.”


#iwill Ambassador from Neath 

  • “The first time I felt I could make a difference was in the lockdown, we noticed a voluntary group helping restore the old iron work monument and we thought let’s help.”
  • “Through my volunteering I’ve learnt to push myself to accomplish what I want to accomplish. It’s made a huge difference to me.”
  • “The Power of Youth is much greater than what people think.”
#iwill Ambassador Yetunde


#iwill Ambassador from London

“I first got involved in social action in Year 9 when I went to the River Thames to litter pick.”

“I felt very refreshed and enlightened knowing I was in nature contributing and volunteering in my local community.”

“It’s very important to have young people involved in decision making for companies.”



Thank you

We want to thank all the young people involved in sharing their stories with us. We’d also like to thank Kenyons who have created these videos for us pro bono. Kenyons is a creative marketing agency with a video production arm.  They specialise in Brand and Design, Video and Animation, Marketing Campaigns and Creative PR with professionals in each discipline, which means they deliver across the board.


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