#iwill Statement on Tackling Anti-Black Racism

2 February 2022

Position Statement on Tackling Anti-Black Racism

Since October 2020, the Step up To Serve Trustees have been engaged in a process to reinforce their understanding of anti-Black racism and to increase the urgency of their contribution to delivering systemic change.

The evidence of their commitment has already been demonstrated, including participation in learning activities with #iwill Ambassadors, development of personal action plans and their contribution to a position paper on tackling anti-Black racism.

The #iwill Partnership discussed the statement during their first meeting in December and will be developing an action plan for the future with support from the Black #iwill Ambassadors group.

The Statement

The #iwill campaign stands with Black young people and with every young person that has been treated unjustly or unfairly because of their ethnicity or heritage.

We recognise that the systemic racism that triggered the Black Lives Matter movement is rooted in a deep structural injustice that is evidenced in the inequality of Black young people’s experiences and outcomes.

We stand together with Black young people in opposition to these inequities.

We have challenged ourselves to reflect, listen and learn about the role that we each play in reinforcing the current status quo – and to take active steps to challenge this. In doing so we recognise that ‘deeds not words’ are an essential part of securing meaningful and lasting change.

We urge all future guardians of #iwill to embed anti-racist principles into the movement and to be vocal about this. We believe that the desire for perfection should not hinder the pace of activity, particularly in relation to generating opportunities for Ambassadors, employment and Trusteeship.

Whilst our roles as Trustees of Step Up To Serve will cease at the end of 2020, with the planned closure of the charity, we commit to continue using our influence to effect change in other Boards and organisations we are part of. We will continue supporting and learning from young Black #iwill Ambassadors through two-way mentoring and recommend other Boards consider mentorship.


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