Getting Young People onto your Trustee Board

Too many decisions are made about young people without young people. Trust between generations has broken down. This has to change.

We believe that young people should have the power to shape and address the issues that affect their lives and the future of our country. They should be treated as meaningful and critical partners in tackling the challenges of the 21st Century. However, we know that for too many young people, particularly from less wealthy backgrounds, their voices aren’t heard; their power to make a positive difference isn’t recognised.

Offer Opportunities

Offering young people opportunities to be decision-makers is one of the most important ways we can help tackle the challenges we face as organisations and as a society. So important, in fact, that ‘Offering Opportunities’ makes up one of our 5 Ways to Embed Youth Social Action.

Including young people from diverse backgrounds on your board doesn’t just benefit the young person involved. It brings creative and unique perspectives to conversations that can influence outcomes to the benefit of your team and your beneficiaries. Not only this, but it helps you address the well-worn issue of board diversity (or lack thereof).

Here’s one of our young trustees, Ceylon Andi Hickman on what the role means to her:

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We know that for many organisations, however well-intentioned, including young people on your Trustee Board can seem a daunting task. Not because they find young people scary, but because they want to do it right. They want to make sure the opportunity is safe and meaningful, and be confident that a young trustee – regardless of their background – will be treated as an equal on their Board.

Sound like you? Well, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

Alongside our friends, the Young Trustees Movement, we’ve launched a checklist called Getting Young People onto your Board. Simple and easy to follow, it contains all the steps you’ll need to take to get young people on board. And it’s interactive too!

To own your own copy – for free, forever – just fill in the form below and we’ll send it straight to your inbox:

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If you’re feeling inspired by the opportunity, there’s loads more out there to help you. A whole community in fact. Join Young Trustees Movement and meet other organisations going on the same journey you are.

Still keen to hear more? Here’s a load of organisations already putting young people in decision-making positions:

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