On 6th March 2019, #iwill Ambassadors Adam, Sarah and Usman joined #iwill Fund leadership board members Dunola and Jenny (and tens of thousands of other young people) at Wembley Stadium for WE Day, a celebration of the impact that young people can have in their communities and in the world.

Have a read below for some thoughts and updates from the young people who attended!


” WE Day is important because it makes us realise that the social action we all take part in, makes a difference in lots of different scales and has impact even if we cannot see it. It is also important to shout about it as we can build more awareness about the vital work  we are all involved in.

The cool thing about WE Day is the massive scale it is on, the story behind it relates to loads of young people and you cannot attend an event without earning your ticket, which makes the passion for it so pure as everyone in the room has done something in the social action world.

The feeling in the room was crazy! The passion and drive was evident through the roaring crowds that filled the hall. It made you feel like you were part of something bigger which was awesome. The young people in the room ranged from all ages but it was great to see the support that everyone was giving them. I felt that it didn’t matter what your background was, everyone just got along and I’m sure lots of new friendships were formed, I did!

The vast variety of public figures that support key issues affecting young people is truly humbling and I wasn’t aware of all the different issues they cared about, but the power they have can help us all tackle key issues,  especially as they are passionate about them too. It’s definitely something to watch as we see pressure put behind sorting out key issues and come up with tangible solutions.”

Usman Ahmed. 

As well as being an #iwill Ambassador, Usman is an apprentice at NCS Trust. You can read Usman’s ambassador profile here. Usman has also been featured in the BBC speaking about his work against hate crime, and has written for Metro about his experiences.


“Initiatives like WE Day are important because they help us visualise the bigger picture of Youth Social Action. They show us that the individual or group volunteering done at school or in local communities contribute to a wave of positive societal change across the country!

The vibe in the auditorium was that of solidarity and excitement. It was an honour to speak alongside my fellow #iwill Fund Board members and I was personally inspired by the speeches of Naomi Campbell and the Duke & Duchess Of Sussex.”

Dunola Oladapo

Dunola sits on the #iwill Fund Leadership Board where she influences how investment is allocated to increase UK youth social action. Dunola was the 2017 UK ambassador to the G[irls]20 Summit, after which she founded a post-summit initiative to empower girls in her local community called, Luton Lights.


Special Agents of Change’ from #iwill Partner Yeading Junior School also took to the stage to discuss the story of Iqbal, a child who been kept in slavery. You can read more about Yeading’s ‘Special Agents of Change’ in a blog by Headteacher, Carole Jones, here.

Yeading WE Day


Adam Ramgoolie, co-chair of our Education Steering Group and founder of Get 2Learn was onstage winning the “Get Doing” Award, and Jenny Raw took to the stage to speak about how the #iwill Fund is supporting social action across the UK.