Now live: The Power of Youth Social Action

The #iwill campaign Impact Report is here! Download it now to find out what we’ve been doing, what we’ve achieved and how you can help us do even more.

“We’ve achieved a tremendous amount, but it’s vital for us to keep moving and keep driving the youth social action agenda forward. We can’t afford to lose a sense of urgency.”

Charlotte Hill, CEO, Step up to Serve

Five years, 250 Ambassadors and 1,000+ partners

When the campaign launched in late 2013, with 50 partners and 50 young people, we never imagined #iwill would bring together the depth, diversity and scale of partnerships that it has.

Across the UK, we now have 250 inspiring #iwill Ambassadors who are mentoring students at risk of expulsion, tackling bullying, coaching young footballers, working to combat mental health issues and battling single-use plastic. And much, much more.

We also have over 1,000 amazing partners from the business, education, healthcare, faith and voluntary sectors who have pledged to support youth social action.

Young people are committed to making the world a better place

The #iwill campaign has proved that young people have the passion and commitment to create a better world. Our latest National Youth Social Action survey shows that:

  • 6 out of 10 young people have taken part in social action in the last 12 months
  • However, only 4 out of 10 young people have taken part in ‘meaningful’ social action
  • There is a significant gap in participation (25%) between low-income young people and their wealthier peers.
  • Young people would be more likely to take part if they had more encouragement and could take part with their friends

“Let’s celebrate all the brilliant work young people are doing to make their communities and our world fairer, healthier and more sustainable.”

Rhammel Afflick, #iwill Ambassador

What have we achieved?

As a result of the #iwill campaign:

  • Over £60m has been invested through the #iwill Fund in creating high-quality, sustainable youth social action opportunities, particularly for under-14s and for those from more deprived communities.
  • 73% of teachers say that social action is now part of their school’s culture and practice – up from 48% three years ago.
  • Ofsted, Defra and the NHS have all put youth voice and action at the heart of their long-term plans.
  • Partnerships now exist across the education, environment, health and youth sectors.
  • We convened youth sector organisations to successfully lobby government to commit to a Youth Charter.

“The #iwill campaign has been instrumental in championing the positive role young people can play in the NHS. As part of our commitment to the campaign in the Long Term Plan, NHS England will work with partners to empower more young people to volunteer in healthcare settings and shape health services.”

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England

Spread the news and involve others

We’ve come a long way. But theres’s still much more to do. With significant social, economic and environmental challenges to overcome, more than ever we need all young people to take action.

Here’s how your organisation can embrace the POWER of youth social action:

Embed Youth Social Action

See the report for more details. Please download the report, share it with your networks.