COVID-19: Statement from #iwill campaign

The #iwill campaign is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact across all areas of society. This is a difficult time for young people, the organisations and staff that support them, and our wider communities.

At this time of crisis, we must remember that young people have a vital role to play in addressing our most pressing challenges. Our collective vision – growing meaningful collaboration between organisations, decision-makers and young people to solve common problems – is more relevant than ever.

In response to the current context, we will be working closely with partners across sectors and #iwill Ambassadors to:

  • Ensure young people have access to information and guidance that supports their physical and mental health.
  • Support and challenge organisations and policy makers to meaningfully engage young people and work with them to shape effective responses at a national and local level.

  • Harness young people’s capacity to safely make a positive difference within their communities and beyond.

  • Work with our partners, especially government and funders, to support our most vulnerable communities during this national emergency.

We know that many #iwill campaign partners and Ambassadors are working together at speed to achieve these aims. So that we can amplify your collective work, please do share with us any information or resources that support young people or other organisations to respond to the crisis, or examples of how you are adapting your work to engage young people at this time. You can share this here.

Thank you for your leadership, as always, and wishing you all the best in these highly challenging times.

Dr Rania Marandos  
CEO, Step Up To Serve

Ceylon Andi Hickman  
Young Trustee, Step Up To Serve

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