Seeing young people in action:

A travel journal from CEO Dr Rania Marandos

The Power of Youth Challenge has begun! We’re challenging organisations, decision makers and young people to get involved in a year-long set of activities that will enable organisations and individuals to champion youth voice, action and leadership and grow the #iwill movement across the UK.

The first of these activities is “See it” – the challenge to see youth social action in action. To give you a bit of inspiration and motivation to get involved, I will be sharing my personal journey as I travel around the UK, shining a light on the Power of Youth through visiting young people and their social action projects.

Taking the time to see the Power of Youth has allowed me to further understand what it means to be a young person today and I urge you all to do the same!

Find out about how you can arrange a “See it” visit by signing up to the Power Of Youth Challenge and receiving your copy of the Challenge guide. 

First stop on my journey: WASSUP, Ipswich

To kick start my ‘See it’ challenge, I’m reflecting on my recent visit hosted by Volunteering Matters to see the work of #iwill Ambassador Lanai Collis-Phillips who is a full time volunteer there. We visited a project that is supported by Volunteering Matters, WASSUP (Women Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Speak Out).

WASSUP is a fantastic example of youth social action. It is delivered by 30 inspirational young women in Ipswich. Despite the gravity of the work they do, educating young people about grooming and abuse, they bring passion, energy and hope everywhere they go.

I left Ipswich feeling so inspired by the incredible work that Lanai and WASSUP do. It gave me a real sense of possibility and a determination to fight even harder for the much needed investment that is needed in our young people and communities.

With the Power Of Youth Challenge having just launched – I challenge you to go out and see the Power of Youth in action!

As part of an #iwillWeek Challenge, I had the chance to record an informal chat with Lanai, where she interviews me on what makes me so passionate about the #iwill Campaign and why must continue to grow the Power of Youth. Lanai also shares how she got involved in taking action on such a challenging issue. Have a listen below.

For the camera-shy (like myself!) I would really recommend recording your chats and uploading on Soundcloud. I found easier to have a natural conversation than on film, and it was fantastic to have a record of Lanai’s insights and experiences from her social action journey.

Coming soon: Visiting #iwill Ambassador Sophia at Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital