Power of Youth Charter

For a better tomorrow, we must empower young people today 

As a society we face an unprecedented set of challenges. Challenges that existed before the Covid-19 crisis have been further exacerbated by the global pandemic – and the future has never felt more uncertain.  We know that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on children and young people. For too many young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, their voices are excluded; and their power to make a positive difference isn’t recognised. 

This has to change.

We can’t keep taking decisions about young people without young people. And by failing to support them to make a positive difference, we all lose out as a result. 

Now, more than ever, we must empower young people to be changemakers. Young people are not simply the leaders of tomorrow. They have the energy, talent and ideas to make a positive difference today.  

Based on insights gathered from #iwill campaign partners and #iwill Ambassadors, the Power of Youth Charter provides a framework for your organisation to empower more young people to shape decisions, take social action and make a positive difference.

Signing-up to the Power of Youth Charter has to be more than a token gesture. In doing so, your organisation will be making a public commitment and taking meaningful action to empower more children and young people to be active citizens. Benefits include:

  • Accessing new ideas and perspectives that enhances your organisation’s work and impact 
  • Strengthening your organisation’s relationship with its younger stakeholders by showing them that you care about their views and impact 
  • Setting an example to other organisations within and beyond your sector that encourages them to embrace and grow the power of youth 
  • Gaining access to networks and resources through the #iwill Partnership that support you to deliver your Charter commitments 
  1. Sign up to the Charter through a senior leader from your organisation such as the Chief Executive or Chair. Ideally you would also bring the Charter to your endorsement from your Board. Your organisation will outline specific actions it will take to deliver on the Charter commitments. You can do so here.
  2. Shout about it. Publicise your adoption of the Charter through your communication channels. Use our comms pack here to help you.
  3. Follow through. Your organisation will hold itself accountable to young people and track its development by sharing annually with #iwill and your networks your progress towards Charter commitments.
Download the charter PDF
Get inspired by founding signatories


Think about the commitments your organisation will make against each point in the Charter. Take inspiration from our founding signatories. The signatory on your Charter should be a senior leader from your organisation such as the Chief Executive or Chair. Ideally you would also bring the Charter to your Board for endorsement. Use the Charter PDF or worksheet below (which includes example commitments) to share your thoughts with your colleagues and your Board.

Download the Charter Worksheet


Once you’ve agreed your commitments, sign up to the Charter. You can do this using the form below. If you have any issues, please contact iwill@volunteeringmatters.org.uk.

Sign up to the charter


Shout about signing up! Use the Comms Pack below to share your commitments and let those in your networks know that you’re committing to grow the #PowerOfYouth. If you’re lost for words, you can use this Tweet we’ve pre-drafted for you.

download the comms pack (ZIP)