Power Of Youth Day 2021

30 April 2022

Power of Youth Day is an annual celebration of the contributions children and young people make to society through volunteering and social action. It’s a chance to spotlight the achievements of children and young people in the #iwill movement and beyond – through volunteering, mentoring, peer education, campaigning, and fundraising.

This year Power of Youth Day will take place on 2 June, during Volunteers Week, which is led by NCVOVolunteer ScotlandWCVA and Volunteer Now.

When the pandemic began young people were already supporting their communities through volunteering and social action. And they continued to do so over the past 14 months despite huge challenges, disruption and sacrifices. They also responded to the changing needs around them to support others through the pandemic.

On Wednesday 2nd June 2021 Power of Youth Day will focus on the incredible efforts that young people made during the last year, a year impacted by a global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. We want to recognise the resilience, energy and strength of young people – as volunteers, mentors, peer educators and more – while overcoming the challenges the pandemic brought.

We are calling on the #iwill movement to help young people share their stories – the challenges they faced, how they continued to support communities despite the pandemic, and any new ways they contributed through volunteering and social action.

And we’re also asking organisations and leaders to look ahead so that young people can continue to shape society as we come out of Covid. We’re asking organisations to sign up to the Power Of Youth Charter so that more young people can help shape society.

How to get involved

  • Create videos or blogs about your experiences of youth social action before and during the pandemic – what changed? what remained the same? what were the challenges? As a young person, or someone who supports them, what should others hear to inspire them to be part of the #iwill movement?
  • Encourage other young people to share their stories of volunteering and social action throughout the pandemic using #PowerOfYouth and #iwill. And share with your networks before Power of Youth Day.
  • Share blogs, vlogs and case studies on your social media channels and with your networks about the difference young people have made throughout the pandemic. Use #PowerOfYouth and #iwill to help share the conversations.
  • If you’re attached to an organisation, ask them to let young people take over their social media channels for the day, or part of the day.
  • Send videos, photos, blogs and stories that celebrate young people who have been helping others through the last year, to iwill@volunteeringmatters.org.uk so we can help share your stories.
  • Encourage organisations to sign up to the Power Of Youth Charter.
  • Consider working with the local press to amplify your stories about the Power of Youth to the wider public, celebrating the contributions young people have made to their communities during the pandemic.

In the next week we’ll publish a resource pack, including graphics for social media posts and banners, a template press release and posters to download to help you get involved.

You can find out more about Volunteers Week at volunteersweek.org

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