Young Enterprise’s mission is to empower young people to discover, develop and celebrate their skills and potential.  Young Enterprise’s hands-on employability and financial education programmes, resources and teacher training help young people realise their potential beyond education and empower a generation to learn, to work and to live.

  • Our suite of enterprise programmes contain a strong element of social action – for example our programmes encourage young people to donate the profits of their enterprises to charity, and the programmes involve volunteers as an integral part of programme delivery.
  • Young Enterprises engages 5,000 volunteers – who dedicate over 150,000 hours to Young Enterprise and the young people we work with.
  • Young Enterprise will continue to involve young people from ages 4 right up to 25 in high-quality social action through our suite of enterprise programmes. We will increase the number of young people who have access to our programmes by expanding our reach into educational establishments, for example increasing from 42% the number of secondary schools we worked with in the academic year 2014/2015.
  • Through this growing partnership work with schools across the UK, we will encourage more education leaders to embed youth social action into their vision and practices. We will develop programmes and build support for educators working with young people within mainstream education as well as outside of mainstream education, such as youth workers, social workers and young offender institutions.
  • Young Enterprise will continue to engage, support, develop and recognise the contribution of the 5,000 volunteers we work with. We will continue to invest in the development and training of our volunteers as part of our continuing review of our induction and ongoing training methods as they apply to them.
  • Young Enterprise will advocate the importance of youth social action for building the character and skills that young people need to give more and get more from their lives, whilst making a positive impact in their communities.