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At grant-making breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, we are passionate about encouraging women, men and young people to realise their own potential for good health and wellbeing by walking. We are the organisers of the famous MoonWalks, when thousands of people wearing decorated bras walk marathons through the night to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Walk the Walk 3

The MoonWalks are iconic and empowering mass participation events, in which thousands of volunteers also play a crucial role. With our commitment to recruiting an ever increasing number of young people to donate their time, we are building the next generation of MoonWalk volunteers.
• We will remain committed to developing relationships with youth groups and education establishments across the country and have recruited many young people as volunteers at our MoonWalks.
• We will continue to nurture these relations and also pledge to build on our existing links with over 100 higher education institutions across the UK to promote volunteering opportunities for young people.
• We pledge to increase the number of young volunteers and volunteering hours contributed by young people within our organisation, inspiring many young volunteers to get involved in social action for the first time. All our volunteers receive a special certificate to recognise and celebrate their contribution.
• We will promote the benefits to youth organisations and establishments of volunteering as a group, including the development of interpersonal and leadership skills. Volunteering at a MoonWalk is truly a team building session like no other! Supporting our MoonWalkers during the evening, overnight hours and the early morning of their challenge is a stretching and ambitious task for our young volunteers, but at the same time hugely enjoyable and enabling.
• We will listen to feedback from our groups of young volunteers and their leaders. Opinions will be valued and young people’s voices will be heard.

With the support and help of young people, we can unite and work together towards a time (maybe in their lifetimes) when all forms of breast cancer, including secondary breast cancer, are treatable.

Walk the Walk


Make a difference by Volunteering at one of our MoonWalk challenges this year