Volunteer Centre Borders aims to develop and promote volunteering for all, improve volunteering opportunities, remove barriers to participation and monitor the success of volunteering.

We work in partnership with many volunteer-involving organisations and projects, to promote good practice, recruit and place volunteers and
to raise awareness of the importance of volunteering.

Volunteers Centre Borders is in integral member of the Borders Third Sector Partnership, which also comprises The Bridge, Berwickshire Association of Voluntary Services (BAVS), and Scottish Borders Social Enterprise Chamber.

Our Pledge: 

Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities, promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social
action, and ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making

We pledge to:

•Raise the powerful voice of young volunteers by celebrating all their acts of kindness and diversity, sharing their amazing stories through case studies, young person written articles and encouraging these young volunteers to be involved in Partnership/organisation meetings.

•Celebrate volunteering for young people as a journey towards a positive destination and a path to realising their inner potential and passion for helping others.

•Highlight the many positive benefits of group volunteering and of sharing skills and experiences through the promotion of the Saltire Awards Scheme. Specifically focusing on the Challenge stage; where we will encourage organisation to consider accepting lower aged volunteers 12+.

•Target organisations, charities and schools across the Borders to see volunteering as a community focal point and young people as the driving force for enthusiastic change.