The Pegasus Award CIC works with schools and youth organisations to promote increased progress, aspiration and resilience by developing key skills and by rewarding relative progression. The Pegasus Award is a 4-strand framework which, since its formation in 2014, has had a positive impact on over 5000 learners across the age and ability range and supports entirely the ethos and values associated with #iwill.

Our Pledge:
Promote the link between youth social action and employability, Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it. The Pegasus Award CIC is committed to impactful change. We work with schools, learning institutions and youth organisations and are delighted to share the same ethos and values of #iwill. Through our #Pegasus Impulsum programme we will – through a co-produced film involving students from mainstream and special schools – promote an increased awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by young people with specific learning needs amongst peers, community groups and potential employers.