The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls in Romford strongly believes in raising Compassionate Leaders.
In 2015, we will…
  • Encourage sixth form students to become FBA Autism Ambassadors, who work in partnership with the RIEES Autism Club in Romford to suport 18-25 year old people with autism in the community. FBA Autism Ambassadors are also involved in organising a key event in Havering by working with community partners at the Autism Sunday Service held at St. Alban’s Church in Romford. The students are also involved in following a historic and groundbreaking Leadership Development and Autism Volunteering Course with with the RIEES Charity.
  • Provide opportunities for the FBA Autism Ambassadors to reflect on what they have learnt and achieved in their role and encourage them to promote the benefits of getting involved in this high quality social action to their younger peers within the academy.