St John Ambulance (SJA) is committed to engaging young people in social action and helping them to support their communities.  We will do this by teaching them first aid, by providing them with knowledge, expertise and skills and by providing opportunities for them to put this into practice. We will:

  • Create a strategy by 2016 which encompasses all of our work with young people, embedding social action throughout
  • Be teaching first aid to 2 million young people in England every year by 2020
  • Develop our internal youth programmes further to ensure all of our young people learn first aid and create further social action opportunities within these programmes
  • Create opportunities via our RISE programme for young people to support their local community.
  • Strengthen and develop our peer education programme to ensure it meets the needs of young people
  • Strengthen our youth participation programme to continue to ensure that young people remain at the heart of decision making within SJA