Working with HYPE Merseyside we will enhance outdoor spaces with our students through innovative workshops and delivery. We will be turning a disused space into a ‘Vibrant’ outdoor learning area.

We will create a wildlife area which will be transformed into a wild flower meadow with plants attracting pollinators, such as bees and bumblebees.

We will select seeds to grow wild plants and flowers, such as: birds-foot trefoil (important for common blue butterfly caterpillars), common sorrel (important for small copper butterfly caterpillars), cowslip, field scabious, hoary plantain, greater and common knapweed, lady’s bedstraw, meadow buttercup, ox-eye daisy, red clover, ribwort plantain, wild carrot, and yarrow.

In the corner of the garden, we will create a bug-house which will further increase the biodiversity of the meadow. We also expect more birds to be attracted by the bugs and plants.

This will enable the space to be used as a bird-watching site with trees and bird houses. The garden will have two main trees and a set of recycled wood bird-boxes and bird feeders.

We will also decorate the garden with flowers and recycled wood benches. This type of garden will provide the space to study birds and relax, as well as develop gardening activities.