Small Woods are the national charitable organisation standing for sustainable woods alive with wildlife, people and work. Championing sustainable woodlands management for wildlife, recreation and timber, whilst teaching practical skills. We promote the benefits and produce of small woodlands whilst encouraging people to appreciate their local woodland. We provide support and advice to the hands on woodlands owner, manager and enthusiast. Training a new generation of people to work within small woodlands through our apprenticeships and courses. The Telford Woods project sees the organisation, take over the management of 500 hectares of council woodland. Involving the community in their management. the project has already seen great involvement from schools across the borough in managing and engaging with their local woodland. The project has begun a 12 month plan with the Southall Special School to engage with their students in creating a woodland learning area within their school grounds, instilling a love of the outdoors and nature, whilst teaching an appreciation of their local area. They will also become involved in managing an area of woodland close to the school.


  • Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities,
  • Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social
  • Ensure young people have a voice and are represented in
  • We pledge to involve local school children in the management of
    woodland across Telford and Wrekin, giving them an opportunity become
    involved in driving the project.