PPE Hwb Wrecsam is a nonprofit organisation, run entirely by volunteers. It was formed in March 2020 by the groundswell desire to do something to help during the COVID19 pandemic.

We already have volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and a wide range of ages, from age 16 and up, but are eager to have more young people involved with our project!

We produce a faceshield that has been awarded a CE Mark Category III, the gold standard for PPE. We offer these faceshields entirely free of charge so that nobody has to do without them but rely entirely on donations to continue the project!

PPE Hwb Wrecsam pledges to continue having young people involved in our project, to really listen to their voices, perspectives and ideas, and to show appreciation for and give full credit for their efforts.

We will seek out ways to support young people looking for volunteering opportunities in the community to have a volunteering experience that uses and develop their existing skills and help them to develop new skills and gain new experience. We will also offer training to our young volunteers to help with their personal development, to help them develop their future career plans. We will recognise how much they can bring to our project and will aim to ensure they benefit from being involved with PPE Hwb Wrecsam, in ways that will pay off for years to come!

Finally we will ensure that they know the contribution that they are making by standing up, committing their time and effort to supporting  both their local and the wider community during the pandemic and beyond.