The Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), David Munro and his office (OPCC) are proud to support the #iwill campaign. We’ll aim to encourage and empower young people to become more involved in social action through fundraising, volunteering or campaigning. We therefore pledge to:

  • Improve the relationship with the OPCC, Surrey Police and young people and to increase the awareness of the benefits that youths bring to the local communities when getting involved in social change.
  • Continue to work with our local partners to support youth projects and assist in educating young people to empower their skills.
  • Encourage young people to become advocates for their community and speak out on current issues around the 6 priorities ( in order to see a successful management and delivery of these priorities.
  • Challenge perceptions of young people in relation to crimes such as ASB and help to change these perceptions within our communities, ensuring young people are seen for their positive contribution in Surrey.
  • Finally, increase the recognition of social change within the OPCC and ensure this opportunity is available to all irrespective of their background or individual needs.