#iwillweek 2017 (20th-24th November) provided us with an opportunity to renew our commitment to youth social action across health and social care, these are our NHS England commitments to youth volunteering for the year ahead, we pledge to:

  • Celebrate the contribution of young people in the health and care sector as part of NHS70 birthday celebrations
  • Work closely with NHS Improvement to encourage and support more health and care provider organisations to embed young volunteering programmes
  • Support Commissioners to understand, champion and grow youth volunteering across the sector
  • Collaborate with Healthwatch to engage young people in community based conversations about health and wellbeing and the difference young people can make
  • Empower more young people to support their peers and communities to live healthier lifestyles through the expansion of peer-education and health champion programmes working closely with Public Health England
  • Foster the culture of youth social action as a mechanism to encourage more young people to consider/enter into jobs in the health and care sectors supporting the work of Health Education England
  • Be a role model to the health and care system through its support of the NHS Youth Forum, valuing and championing the contribution of youth advocacy.
  • Continue to seek out best practice in enabling more inclusive volunteering opportunities across health and social care for young people who may face health, social or economic inequalities.