Work with and through our member students’ unions to increase student participation in social action. We will do this by:

  1. Evaluating and sharing the impact of student opportunities, highlighting the double benefit of social action for students and society.
  2. Focusing on overcoming barriers to participation, we will provide training and tools for students’ unions to help them to increase the number of students doing social action activities.
  3. In 2017 running a collaborative pilot with students’ unions in one region, to explore how SUs can be local hubs for social action.
  4. Utilising NUS communications channels to highlight examples of youth social action activity and opportunities for students to get involved.
  5. Through Dissertations for Good we will help students to use their education as a force for social good. We will work to partner them with non-academic organisations so they can collaborate to complete important research. We will support the #iwill campaign to get more young people involved in social action by granting a year long pro bono membership to this research network.