HAYN  is a peer network of youth focused representatives from the social housing sector. Our mission is to keep young people at the heart of what we do through providing quality services. HAYN’s Values are to Collaborate, Share, Challenge and Improve.
HAYN Volunteering Academy pledges to:
  • Support the #iwill campaign’s objectives by acting as a match funder and ambassador of the #iwill Fund.
  • Provide young people with funding and resources to lead on social action projects that support themselves, their peers and the wider community.
  • Develop young people’s skills through accredited programmes, not only for their employability but also to enable them to become community mobilisers of the future.
  • Bring together a coalition of housing associations and youth organisations from different fields and support them to build capacity, embrace quality in service provision and create the conditions to embed meaningful social action into the lives of young people and their local residents.
  • Work in partnership in order to maximise opportunities for young people and the impact of the programme.
  • Celebrate Young People and share their journeys and achievements.