Global Action Plan has a mission to end our throwaway society, and help young people to fight excessive pressures to consume.  We aim to support 10 million young people to RE-CLAIM what success means to them, RE-INVENT their relationship with stuff and REINSTATE their rights and voices as citizens and conscious customers to drive a happier, healthier future for themselves and the planet.  We will work with young people to:

1) Make low consumption living aspirational (and achievable):
Work with youth influencers and trend setters to demonstrate that young people can and are choosing to live and work very differently and leading fulfilling lives doing so – creating a social norm of purposeful consumption of young people ‘like me’.
2) Create practical and simple tools/initiatives to facilitate change:
Help people to engage with the issues of over-consumption at whatever stage they are at.  Apply all GAP’s behavioural insights to make sure interventions make it easy and attractive for people to get involved.
3) Get young people involved in shaping our future:
Make young people central to coming up with the changes that need to happen and help empower them now so they are shaping the world they will inherit