We will work with an increasing number of schools, higher education facilities and youth groups to equip young people with knowledge and leadership skills, empowering them to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle in their home, their school and in their community. By the end of 2019 we are aiming to work with 20 schools.
Helping schools and higher education facilities to give support to young people to take action and showing them and the wider school community the simple steps everyone can take in their daily lives to reduce their environmental footprint and live more harmoniously with nature, benefitting our planet and people across society.
In our work we will collect data on what young people know and don’t know about their environmental footprint and their willingness to engage in action, creating the first ever practical data based research on sustainable living knowledge and likelihood of action.
Collaborate with businesses and other organisations to bring well rounded programmes to help raise awareness, education and action amongst staff and members, on how to change behaviour and habits towards a more sustainable way of living and working.