Our key mission is to increase the pool of lifesaving blood stem cell donors, as we believe that not one single person suffering with a blood cancer should die because they are unable to find a matching blood stem cell donor. We will:

  • Grow and develop our engagement with Students  so that by 2020 we are enabling and supporting no less than two Student Ambassador in 20 Universities across the UK. In addition enabling hundreds of Students to volunteer to assist at events across multiple Campuses
  • Ensure that young people taking part in our ‘Students Versus Blood Cancer’ programme know that they’re taking part in youth social action and will benefit from making a difference by increasing the pool of Blood Stem Cell donors for the UK Registry; which can potentially save the life of someone with a blood cancer
  • Celebrate young people who are taking a lead in developing youth social action and ensure young people have a voice in decision making and the creation and planning of a Donor Recruitment event on Campus
  • Nominate young people as  #iwill ambassadors to represent the work they’ve done through our organisation
  • Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign. Sharing our success story and encouraging our partners to be involved in helping to grow youth social action participation.