Charity Retail Association pledge to:

  • Share the six quality principles of great youth social action provision with our members to help ensure that every young person volunteering with our members has a great experience as they can
  • Celebrate young people who are taking a lead across our membership, showcasing the positive impact that young people have on our work, primarily through our Young Volunteer of the Year award
  • Encourage our members to nominate young people as #iwill ambassadors to represent the work they’ve done
  • Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, encouraging our members to be involved in the campaign and to help break down the barriers and myths surrounding engaging young people in volunteering opportunities
  • Help to build the research to showcase the current numbers of young people involved in charity retail, and work to grow, track and measure the impact of this over the lifespan of the campaign and beyond
  • Undertake events, eg Style Me in Seconds, which can encourage and motivate young people to be involved in the charity retail sector.