Character Scotland will encourage young people to discover their values and develop their character so that they grow up to be inspired by and inspire change in others.

  • We will promote social action for young people and support them to act on their hopes for the future – whether it is to end poverty or save endangered species.
  • We pledge to build a network of professionals who are committed to the cause of every child and young person flourishing as part of an inclusive, just, compassionate and sustainable society.
  • We pledge to help build a global network of inspiring young minds, to help them raise and achieve their aspirations and to figure out who and what they want to be.
  • We pledge to work in partnership with schools, youth groups and organisations, to share best practice on what works in Scotland and support them in inspiring generations of interested, vibrant young people to be proactive in tackling the social problems present in their community and society.
  • We will support schools by giving them access to tools from our Inspire>Aspire campaign, and we will support others by providing a safe space to explore character and values, allowing them to give children and young people the chance to contribute to a better tomorrow: a better world.