Future Pulse is a service working to improve health accessibility for children, young people and young adults across Nottingham. We value the views of all young people and want to ensure that they are heard and acted on. Future Pulse is led by an ever growing team of young volunteers. We pledge to provide a platform for young people to express their views and ideas and enable them to develop their skills and confidence through engagement in a diverse range of meaningful activities.

  • Support children and young people to positively drive forward their ideas and communicate these effectively to services; promoting empowerment and lasting change.
  • Provide exciting and meaningful opportunities for young people that build on existing interests and broaden transferable skills and experiences.
  • Work effectively with partners to provide greater opportunity for young people to lead on initiatives and share ideas and good practice.
  • Continue to diversify the volunteering group by reaching young people in the community from a range of backgrounds.
  • Continue to remove barriers to engagement, providing appropriate support to ensure volunteers can reach their potential and try new things.
  • Continue to seek new and exciting opportunities and creatively support volunteering initiatives, encouraging ambition and growth amongst the Future Pulse team.
  • Provide opportunities for children and young people to talk about the importance of well-being