We pledge to:

  • Continue and increase young people’s representation in the development of our services through their direct contributions and feedback.
  • Support our members to engage in youth social action by promoting a broad range of opportunities, and encouraging and facilitating their participation.
  • Clearly demonstrate, through the experience of our own volunteers, the benefits of social action to both the community and volunteer. This will be regularly measured through robust monitoring and evaluation of our volunteer programme and shared with members and the community alike.
  • Regularly host workshops for our members promoting involvement in social action and the positive role young people can play.
  • Gather feedback on young people’s thoughts and experiences of social action (what they think are interesting opportunities, what might encourage/discourage them from getting involved, etc.) This knowledge will be used to inform share this knowledge beyond B&S to help other orgs inform their volunteer programmes/projects
  • Continue to support young people and their families to reduce barriers to community involvement, including social action.
  • Develop more and continuously explore opportunities for young people to engage in high quality social action.