NSS Ltd was founded in 2009. It is the umbrella organisation for 16 Northamptonshire member supplementary schools. We give our schools a legal and social framework to work in and ensure that our member are DBS checked, offer training courses in Safeguarding, First-Aid and Effective Teaching. All of our members are also affiliated to the National Resource Centre of Supplementary Education (NRCSE) and will have gained the Bronze Award by the end of July in the academic year in which they joined.


We pledge to:

Enhance the “life chances” of children that attend weekly lessons at their supplementary schools by teaching them skills that can be transferred into adult life. This includes educating young adults in how to apply for jobs, plan and lead events in a team that could educate people about their community, and teach them the confidence and self-esteem that will help recent migrants with integration into the community around them. By starting the cycle of social action, we pledge to inspire young people to embrace their differences and help their communities become more recognized by a wide audience.

We will do this by hosting regular workshops (in the near future, if social distancing rules are still in place this can be done through Zoom Meetings) in the Northampton town centre library, where every two weeks a young representative of a certain community will come in and educate their group on their culture, traditions and history, this will will not only help to build their public speaking skills, but will educate the speaker on parts of their culture they didn’t know about, as they will need to do some research on the topic in order for their presentation to be successful.  Once the young people are comfortable presenting and know what they want to say, bigger events could be organised with the help of the supplementary school students, such as taking part in fairs, and visiting multicultural primary schools to educate others on their heritage.