ACoRP is the Association of Community Rail Partnerships

We will…

  • Use our communication channels to support the #iwill campaign, encourage our members to nominate #iwill ambassadors, and celebrate young people taking part in youth social action in the community rail movement through our online communications and events.
  • Encourage entries to our annual community rail awards that demonstrate youth social action – particularly in our category ‘Engaging children and young people’.
  • Produce guidance and encourage our members to consider offering youth social action opportunities in their organisations, recognising the role young people can play in addressing the challenges they face.
  • Work in partnership with organisations that are focused on engaging and empowering young people, to support their work and link up the community rail network with youth networks.
  • Support and encourage members to consider youth engagement as part of their planning and delivery and actively signpost members to relevant youth-focused organisations.
  • Offer dedicated workshops and sessions at member seminars around youth engagement, outcomes-orientated planning (which will consider youth social action as examples), inclusive volunteering and youth participation.