Seeing is believing.

Go and see young people taking action. Reflect on your experience and showcase the impact they’re having through your communications channels.

Stop and listen.

Listen to young people’s views on how they want to partner with your organisation to tackle common challenges. Run listening events and workshops.

Make a commitment.

Work with #iwill partners and young people to co-create a set of commitments that will grow youth voice and leadership over the next decade.

Share your plans.

Outline how your organisation plans to grow the power of youth over the next decade. Use #iwill Week 2020 (16th-24th November) to share what you’ve learnt.

Take part in the Challenge:

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Got questions?

Step Up To Serve is the time-limited charity currently coordinating the #iwill campaign. Set up in 2013, the campaign aims to address the lack of opportunity for young people to take part in social action. For more info on where we began, click here. The charity will close, as originally planned, in December 2020. We are currently working closely with young people and partners to shape the future of #iwill beyond Step Up To Serve.

The work of the #iwill campaign has led to more organisations being committed to this agenda, more investment to create youth social action opportunities, and a better understanding of what it takes to truly support youth voice and leadership. Despite the progress that has been made since 2013, there is still more to do if all young people are to be supported and empowered to be active citizens in society. Although Step Up To Serve (the charity currently coordinating the #iwill campaign) will shut down at the end of 2020, our collective challenge is to ensure that over the next decade, young people and organisations continue to work together to grow the power of youth.

If you’re a young person, you can challenge your school, or a hospital or charity you volunteer with, to take part in the challenge. You can also reach out to leaders like your local MP, Mayor or Councillor. There are resources to help you do this. You can also sign up to be an #iwill Champion to get regular updates on how you can support the campaign in general.

If you’re an adult and don’t work for an organisation that can take part in the Challenge, you can support as an individual by sharing our message and shouting about the Challenge on social media.

Contact for communications questions, or for more general questions.