2020: Power of Youth Challenge

At a time of heightened social division, more than ever we need young people to be active citizens. They aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow. Young people have the energy, skills and ideas to improve society and our environment today.

We believe that young people should have the power to shape and address the issues that affect their lives and the future of our country. However, we know that for too many young people, particularly from less wealthy backgrounds, their voices aren’t heard; their power to make a positive difference isn’t recognised.

That’s why in 2020, we’re challenging organisations and young people to get involved in the Power of Youth Challenge: a year-long set of activities that will enable organisations to champion youth voice and leadership across your networks and grow the #iwill movement across the UK.

In particular, we will be encouraging organisations to:

The Challenge will be launching on February 10th, to be the first in the know, sign up below: