The #iwill campaign welcomes the new Inspection Framework

16.Jan.2019. We are delighted with the publication today of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework, now open for consultation, which includes  “a new personal development judgement looking at the opportunities providers give to build character and resilience, and to prepare children and young people to succeed as adults and active citizens in modern Britain”. (Amanda Spielman, 16.01.19)

Especially exciting is the recognition that all outstanding and good schools need to “provide pupils with meaningful opportunities to understand how to be responsible, respectful, active citizens, who contribute positively to society” and the direct reference to Social Action as a marker of an outstanding FE college.

We welcome the overall changed focus of the framework away from a focus on headline data and instead concentrating on ensuring schools are offering a ‘broad, rich and deep curriculum which aims to develop young people who are ‘active, healthy and engaged citizens’.

We encourage you all to have a look at this new framework and join the conversations around it, either with us or within your own organisations. If you are interested in being part of a joint conversation with other partners please do let get in touch with our new Senior Education Officer, Ella ( as she will be organising a group conversation around it.

Ofsted AS 1