This 22nd April will be the first Stephen Lawrence Day. The Stephen Lawrence Trust are offering grants of up to £400 to deliver positive activities to inspire young community activists, reflecting on and learning from Stephen’s story.  More here


Social action against knife violence. With levels knife crime rising, and young people across the country feeling unsafe in their communities, we thought we would share these examples of young people being engaged and empowered to tackle violence.

  • Young people are working with YMCA Newcastle on an #iwill funded, youth-led social action project, peer-educating on the impact of knife crime on lives of both victims and perpetrators. Hear about it on Radio Newcastle (00:09:00).
  • #iwill4nature partner Grow Wild has supported Southwark Peace Garden, a space for young people to be safe and to reflect, in an area challenged by a steep rise in knife crime. A project led by young people in the area identified three main factors of knife crime: a disconnect from parents, lack of ambition/awareness, and environment. Based on these findings, the students, along with the local community, designed and built a garden that aims to be part of the solution. Their aim? To create social connections, educate people on the subject of knife crime, and provide a reflective environment where people can think about their own lifestyle and decisions. Read the story here.

Big Change is looking to fund eight to ten pioneering projects through our grant funding process, resulting in a multi year funding relationship. We back pioneers who have a vision and are already striving to deliver transformational change. You think big, you take risks and you make things happen because you understand there’s no time to waste. We have the resources to help make your vision a reality. Together, we can accelerate the change we all want to see to deliver the future our young people deserve.

We are looking to identify and support projects or ideas that are currently pre-start up or at small scale, but have the potential to scale nationally. As well as granting money, we are also committed to working alongside our project partners, to understand their needs and work collaboratively to help achieve them. We specialize in three areas of support:

  • Creating conditions for impact and learning – we support our project partners to be set up to gather the insights and information necessary to demonstrate the importance of their work, and generate learnings not just for themselves but for the sector as a whole
  • Driving demand and visibility – we support project partners to boost their profile within the education and learning space, and help them leverage their impact and insights to increase the sector’s demand for their interventions
  • Building a wider network of support – through helping project partners clearly articulate their impact and boost the visibility of and demand for their intervention, we look to set them up to widen their network of supporters – including other funders

We have a total funding pot of £600,000 to £1,000,000 and are looking for ideas and proposals that work in the issue areas outlined in our focus. Further information here. 

Sport England are looking for new members to join their Board, and are keen to  extend the diversity of their Board and bring in skills of those who have worked with under-represented groups. Find out more here.

Surveys for teachers: careers & character.

  • LKMco, are working with the Careers and Enterprise Company and #iwill to develop a toolkit to help schools and colleges incorporate Youth Social Action in their careers education provision. This survey will help LKMco consider the views of teachers and staff in a variety of state-funded educational settings in England, including primary schools, secondary schools, FE colleges, special schools and Alternative Provision including PRUs. Info here.
  • As part of strand B of the Jubilee Centre’s Teacher Education project, the research team are seeking to understand teachers’ perceptions of character and character education in teaching, as well as the very important issue of how teachers are prepared and supported to do this via current Continuing Professional Development (CPD).The research team are now looking for UK based in-service teachers to complete this short online survey, which will contribute to the development of a CPD programme for schools. If you or your school are interested in taking part, please complete the survey and, if applicable, disseminate it among teaching staff at your school. More information is provided at the beginning of the survey. Full information here. 

Spirit of 2012 are recruiting for their Youth Advisory Panel.  Recruitment is open in Wales, the North of England and the Midlands for young people aged 18-28 to join our Spirit of 2012 Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)

We have now opened recruitment for young people to join our Spirit of 2012 Youth Advisory Panel (YAP). At this stage, we are only accepting applications from the following regions:

  • Wales,
  • The Midlands, and
  • The North of England

More info and apply here.