January challenge for young people: Your #LetterTo2030

What are your hopes and ambitions for the next ten years?

2019 has been a year in which Youth Voice has been catapulted into the spotlight. Hundreds of thousands of young people have taken to the streets in the School Strikes for Climate. A snap general election at the end of the year gave thousands their first taste of voting.

As a new decade begins, we cannot allow the voices of young people to fade away.

We want you to write a message to the future. What do you want to see change in the next ten years? By 2030 you may be old enough to vote, to have an exciting job, or to hold a position of power – but you shouldn’t have to wait until then. Write your #LetterTo2030 to say how things must be different for young people by the beginning of the next decade.

From January 1st, write a short social media post or video including the hashtag #LetterTo2030 and tagging @iwill_camapaign on Twitter or Intsagram, or @theiwillcampaign on Facebook. If you already have a blog, you might want to post there. If you don’t have social media, you can post to “Share your story” on our website and we’ll post for you. At the end of January, we’ll collect them together and share them as one Youth Letter to 2030.

Need something to get you thinking? Think about:

  • Which issues will young people be able to impact? Loneliness, mental health, poverty, bullying?
  • How will young people have the opportunities to lead?
  • How can young people feel powerful?
  • How will all young people have opportunities to make a difference – not just the wealthiest, the most confident, or those living in big cities?
  • How will organisations and decision makers listen to young people’s voices?
  • How will young people be able to protect the natural world?
  • How will schools support pupils to care about issues beyond the school gates?
  • How can education be about more than just exams?
  • How will younger and older generations work together rather than believing in stereotypes?
  • How will young people bring communities together and fight against racism and discrimination?
  • How will girls and young women have the same opportunities as boys and men?

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A group of Cubs in Lancaster, supported by #iwill Ambassador Charli, share their letters.