#iwill Week 2020

(16th – 20th November)

Since 2014, annual #iwill Weeks have brought together thousands of individuals and organisations to champion young people as leaders of change. This year, #iwill Week will be taking on a brand new form – a interactive, digital Power of Youth Festival.

In the run up to #iwillWeek 2020, 16-20 November, we’ll be asking you to…

  •  LEARN from each other’s progress across different sectors and nations
  • CHALLENGE yourself and others to empower more children and young people to get involved in social action
  • LEAD by signing up to the Power of Youth Charter to take the #iwill movement to the next level 

Register for the #PowerOfYouth Festival

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What is the Power of Youth Festival?

We’re working with young people and partners to host a packed schedule of exciting events celebrating the impact of youth social action, learning how others have made inspiring steps forward and examining the challenges we face together. As well as signing up to events coordinated directly by the #iwill team, you can host your own event and we will add it to the programme.

Who can join the Festival?

The Festival is for everyone, from young people and professionals to anyone passionate about the role of young people in creating a society which works for everyone. 

How can I get involved?

Sign up to attend events, share them in your networks, and engage through Q&As and interactive sessions. You can also host your own event! Just let us know what you’re planning with this form and we will add it to the calendar. 

A key focus of #iwill Week will be encouraging organisations to sign up to the new Power of Youth Charter, committing to empowering young people and working with them over the coming years. Find out more here.

What kind of digital events could we host?

  • Celebrate youth social action. Recognise the young people that you work with by providing a platform for them to tell their #PowerOfYouth stories.
  • What lessons have you learned through your youth social action journey? Run a masterclass or problem-solving session for other young people or professionals.
  • Challenge a decision maker to hear directly from young people. Use this guide to host a listening event between young people and sector or local leaders.
  • Collaborate on shared challenges. We must work together to face an uncertain future. Who could you gather around the table to address the big issues facing young people, your organisation, or society as a whole?

These are just a few ideas! Think about what makes the most sense for you and your networks.

How else can we take part in #iwill Week?

Amplify the conversation on the #PowerOfYouth. Share a case study or a blog, create a short video or run a social media youth takeover. You can find loads of great examples here.

As always, we are releasing an exciting communications pack of messages, logos and graphics that you can share through your channels! Stay tuned to find out more. 

#iwillWeek stories from #iwill partners!