What is an #iwill Ambassador?

#iwill Ambassadors are young people aged 10-20 who are campaigning, volunteering or fundraising to make a difference in their communities.

Across the UK, #iwill Ambassadors are mentoring students at risk of expulsion, tackling bullying, coaching young footballers, working to combat mental health issues and battling single-use plastic. And much, much more. Read their stories here.

As an #iwill Ambassador, you’ll be recognised for the amazing work you’re already doing and can spread the news about a cause that’s close to your heart. It’s a chance to raise the profile of your campaigning, get more young people involved and inspire change.

You’ll play an important role in the #iwill campaign, helping us make decisions and speaking out on our social media channels.

We’re looking for young people who know how good it feels to make a difference and want to share that with others. You could be from any kind of background, anywhere in the UK. What matters is that you’re passionate about what you believe in and want to join with others to get your message out there.

Applications and nominations are now closed for 2019 #iwill Ambassadors. We are reviewing those that came through and will share an update later in the summer.