The past month has been an exciting one for the Education and Social Mobility Sector! On 2nd September, Get2Learn – a youth advocacy group I founded – and the Fair Education Alliance – a UK coalition of social mobility organisations – held the First Fair Education Youth Summit! Attended by young people involved in youth social action, including fellow #iwill Ambassador Usman Ahmed, the event demonstrated the power of us as youth and the incredible insights we have to share on how the sector can improve inequality in University Admissions and Character Development.

Following the event and for the first time, I had the honour of speaking at the FEA annual report launch – on the status of social mobility among young people – not in attempt to inspire people with my story, but rather to call for policy change and help shape the next year in social mobility. Whether it was to encourage more project-based learning or to speak against the concept of checklist-inducing skills frameworks, we demonstrated how young people can influence strategy and create change in the charity sector.

We live in a society where our peers from the most disadvantaged backgrounds are ten times less likely to attend a top university – this needs to change!

While it may sound obvious that young people should be involved in issues, which directly affect us, to many it simply isn’t the case. On 13th September, I had the honour of attending the #iwill education committee. While some were excited about involving youth, and others more hesitant, one thing became clear – that so many of the answers to issues facing the Education sector had already been addressed by youth at our event the week before!

The government’s new Civil society strategy is an excellent start by providing opportunities for young people to have a direct, meaningful say in their future society, but I believe more has to be done. The next step is to bring youth to the table across society and we at Get2Learn want to see just that!

If you want to get involved in youth advocacy and help change the world through policy & strategy in Education, we want to hear from you at so we can help young people get an equal seat at the table!

Lastly I want to say congratulations to my fellow #iwill Ambassadors for proving youth can be a force for positive change – let’s make this academic year an incredible one!