Know what it’s like to be a young woman today?

For International Women’s Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors from across the country came together to write blogs and share their stories. They explored women’s health, identity, tackling taboos and pursuing their passions.

Taryn & Katrina: Tackling taboos

“Taboos are everywhere, that’s for sure. But if we don’t talk about the difficult things, we won’t see any change. So start conversations, be bold, and never feel like you can’t change the world around you.” Katrina

Charli & Katrina: Identity and safety

“My advice to girls who feel vulnerable or lonely would be to find a community, because there’ll be one out there for you. Join a uniformed youth organisation, volunteer for a charity or food bank, become part of a campaign.” Charli

Gabrielle & Abby: Young women leading in health

“Having worked in the UK and in Nepal, I often reflect on the universality of women’s health issues, from period poverty to autonomy over their bodies.” Gabrielle

Pursuing your passions in a world of stereotypes

“Being a young woman in decision making means that I represent the voices of many who have been quieted before. Globally, the views of women have been misrepresented, filtered and altered. It’s essential that our voices are heard and that more women rise into roles of authority.” Claire