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Environmental Youth Social Action

Growing youth social action focused on the environment

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We know that young people have the potential to make a huge difference to improving the environment through social action, whilst also developing valuable skills, experience and increased wellbeing.

Social action, including volunteering, fundraising and campaigning, creates a double benefit for those who are taking part and the communities they are helping.

The 2017 National Youth Social Action (NYSA) survey tells us that 44% of young people who had not been involved in social action in the past year were interested in addressing environmental issues (including animal protection).

This highlights a great opportunity to build on the interests and concerns of young people to help protect and improve the environment.

The #iwill campaign will be prioritising growing youth social action focused on the environment in 2019 and communicate the benefits of environmental youth social action to both communities and those taking part. In particular, it will be doing so by putting children and young people at the heart of this work.

Read more about why it is important to put young people front and centre of the Year of Green Action

The #iwill campaign’s effort will form a core component of the Government’s 2019 Year of Green Action, which will draw together local and national initiatives to support current momentum and interest for the environment, demonstrate the power of progress through collective action, and inspire and challenge #iwill campaign partners – new and old – to take action.

Our aim for 2019 is for key organisations and institutions to better understand the vital role that young people can (and already do) play in supporting the environment and subsequently open opportunities to embed quality youth social action into their vision and work.

This ultimately supports the longer-term goals under the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan to help children and young people from all backgrounds to engage with nature and improve the environment. Read the plan here.

“We will make 2019 a year of action for the environment, putting children and young people at its heart… [to] provide a focal point for organisations that run environmental projects, and will encourage wider participation.” – 25 Year Environment Plan, January 2018

In doing so, we hope to sustainably increase the number of young people, especially those from disadvantaged communities, building social action habits for life and contributing to positive change in their communities that protects and enhances the environment.

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Below is just a selection of organisations that have already pledged to focus on environment youth social action:

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