Education Secretary’s five foundations for building character

In a speech to the Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership conference on 7 February 2019, Education Secretary Damian Hinds announces five foundations for building character, which includes volunteering or practical action in the service of others. You can read the full speech here.

The Education Secretary Damien Hinds said:

“We all have an interest in making sure that young people are resilient, resourceful and confident in their abilities”.

Following a roundtable on the schools sports action plan, the Government will be exploring how to make it easier for schools to access information on the activities available and help schools and sports governing bodies become more linked up, so pupils can embrace these opportunities. There will then be further work to look at how to signpost schools to other local opportunities such as entrepreneurship programmes, social action and community projects, public speaking and debating workshops.

The five foundations for building character, encompasses an extensive list of activities, which through team work, trying new things, and opening minds, can help young people build character. The foundations are: sport, creativity, performing, volunteering & membership, and world of work.

Step Up To Serve and #iwill campaign Co-founder Dame Julia Cleverdon, CBE, said:

“As co-founder of the #iwill campaign, which brings together over 900 organisations to increase opportunities for young people to help others and the environment through youth social action, I am delighted with the Secretary of State’s aspiration to increase the quality spread of his five foundations of building character activity areas, which will strengthen the role our education system plays in supporting the character development of our young people.

“The #iwill campaign recognises that taking part in sport, creativity, performing, volunteering & membership and the world of work can have a double benefit when the experiences are delivered through social action. By experiencing the five foundations of building character whilst helping others and the environment, young people taking part not only develop their own character and resilience but also make a positive difference to others, and the communities around them”.