Youth Policy (1)

The British Youth Council will take young people’s voices to the heart of government with new funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The year-long pilot is set to give young people aged 10-25 the opportunity to shape government policy.

The new funding, will enable the charity to support the creation of a new Youth Voice Steering Group, a Young Inspectors Group and the commission of a new digital engagement research project. The projects form part of the government’s commitment to encouraging young people to participate in making national policy. The British Youth Council will work with The MixYouth Focus North WestYouth Focus: North East and Youth Work Unit in Yorkshire and Humber to deliver the new innovative projects.

Read the full press release from the British Youth Council.

The #iwill campaign is glad to see this announcement, as the direct involvement of young people in government policy development through a steering group model was one of our recommendations in response to last year’s consultation on the civil society strategy. We particularly look forward to seeing #iwill Ambassadors Usman, Jenny and Lamide take an active role in shaping the pilot of this project.


“Youth Voice is something I am extremely passionate about, in everything I do, I aim to create a safe space for young people – both my age and the younger generation – to speak on what they care about, knowing that what they have to say is valuable, important and will be heard.

I am looking forward to being part of the Youth Policy Group as it enables me to represent young people, and represent them truthfully. This is an opportunity to be in the room when decisions that directly affect my life and people like me are being made, it also allows me to share my experiences, on what it is like to be a young person and to work with young people.

I am also really excited to meet more young people, as this is my favourite age group and when I’m with them, I find that I always learn something new and grow as an individual.

This is exciting stuff isn’t it? I can’t wait to shape policy that directly affects my life! “

Lamide Odanye, #iwill Ambassador, 20.

“I’m really excited to join the new Youth Policy Group with DCMS and the British Youth Council. Being on the board of the #iwill Fund has allowed me to see the fantastic array of meaningful social action opportunities that young people are engaging in, to make their voices heard on issues they care about.

I have seen the desire young people have to make changes in their communities and I feel humbled to take this chance to ensure their views are represented to policy makers. This new policy group, alongside the government’s plan to develop a Youth Charter, are great steps towards ensuring that policy reflects issues that young people care about: including the environment, violent crime and mental health.

The government’s decision to consult young people is supportive of the #iwill Campaign’s belief that if we want to develop policies for young people, it is paramount that decisions are made with young people. This collaboration makes it an exciting opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it will take us.”

Jenny Raw, #iwill Ambassador, 19.

“Thanks to the #iwill Campaign, I have once again been able to access an awesome opportunity. Over the last three years I have been able to participate in a wide variety of youth social action, however, most of it has taken places at a local, grassroots level. This new opportunity will allow me to take my opinions, and represent the opinions of other young people from my community, to a national level.

Taking part in this project will allow me to take the views of the young people I work with, day in, day out, to policy makers, hopefully making change that is required. As someone who is passionate about tackling crime, as a soon to be Special Constable and a current Police Service Volunteer, I am looking forward to influencing policies that will affect this area in particular, as well as looking at education, as a current member of the #iwill Education Steering Group.

I am excited to get involved and look forward to what is in store over the course of this opportunity!”

Usman Ahmed, #iwill Ambassador, 20.