IWD 2020: Round-up


Know what it's like to be a young woman today? For International Women's Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors from across the country came together to write blogs and share their stories. They explored women's health, identity, tackling taboos and pursuing their passions. Taryn & Katrina: Tackling taboos "Taboos are everywhere, that’s for sure. But if we don’t talk about the difficult things, we won’t see any change. So start conversations, be bold, and never feel like you can’t change the world around you." Katrina Charli & Katrina: Identity and safety "My [...]

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IWD 2020: Women in health


Equal health for everyone: Young women taking the lead in health For International Women's Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors Gabrielle and Abby discuss their experiences as young women passionate about health and wellbeing.  Gabrielle: Women's health is a universal issue Find out more about Gabrielle's work with the NHS in her Ambassador profile, or read her blog on the Big Hospital Experiment. Abby: championing women's heart health Read Abby's Ambassador profile to find out more about her work on heart [...]

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IWD 2020: Breaking down barriers


Breaking down barriers: young women and girls pursuing their passions For International Women's Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors Claire, Esther, Joana, Abbey and Tahirah share how they are pursuing their passions in spite of a world full of stereotypes. Claire: Making decisions that matter "Being a young woman in decision making means that I represent the voices of many who have been quieted before. Globally, the views of women have been misrepresented, filtered and altered, so we’re often perceived differently to our meaning. It’s essential that our voices are heard [...]

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IWD 2020: Identity & safety


Being a young woman: Identity and safety For International Women's Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors Charli and Atlanta consider the different aspects of their identities, and discuss how social action gives you - sometimes rare - spaces to be safe as a woman. It’s important to think about the intersectional issues that can occur for different women on International Women’s Day – as a disabled, asexual, working class girl, it’s key for me to express how each of my identities affects my life. I’m invisibly disabled, so my illnesses are often not seen as valid. [...]

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IWD 2020: Tackling taboos


Tackling taboos in the fight for equality For International Women's Day 2020, #iwill Ambassadors Katrina and Taryn have brought together their campaigning experiences to share how achieving equality means being brave enough to talk about the things no one wants to talk about. Taryn, 18 Taboos suck. And for women, there’s thousands of them. They’re the things we’re not meant to talk about - maybe it’s something that’s a bit controversial, or perhaps it makes people feel uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, it means that there’s a whole bunch of issues that are [...]

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#iwill Ambassadors in the News


Who's been talking about the #iwill Ambassadors? Our #iwill Ambassadors are young people from across the UK who are passionate about tackling issues in their communities and in wider society. They often feature in the media talking about the issues they care about or telling their personal stories. You can find out more about our Ambassadors, including individual case studies, here. If you are looking to feature an Ambassador in the media, please contact comms@stepuptoserve.org.uk. April 2020 Sophia Badhan: Mental Health on BBC Asian Network Sophia Badhan, 19, [...]

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New year cash boost for young people


£9m extension to #iwill Fund to enable more young people to make the difference they want to Youth-led social action programmes are receiving a £9 million cash boost from the #iwill Fund, a joint fund supporting youth social action programmes made possible through the investment of The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. The #iwill Fund currently works in partnership with 25 funders, who match the investment. Thanks to this cash boost, the #iwill Fund is expanding its ambition [...]

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#LetterTo2030: What should the world look like in a decade?


January challenge for young people: Your #LetterTo2030 What are your hopes and ambitions for the next ten years? 2019 has been a year in which Youth Voice has been catapulted into the spotlight. Hundreds of thousands of young people have taken to the streets in the School Strikes for Climate. A snap general election at the end of the year gave thousands their first taste of voting. As a new decade begins, we cannot allow the voices of young people to fade away. We want you to write a message to the future. What do you want to [...]

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#iwill Ambassadors on the General Election


General Election 2019: #iwill Ambassadors reflect on the power of youth voice and share their hopes and concerns for a future government 12th November 2018. Too often, young people's voices are not recognised. This is particularly true in general elections, where young people are often dismissed as unlikely to vote, and where the definition of the "youth vote" can go up to age 34. Our #iwill Ambassadors, many of whom are voting for the very first time, have been passionately putting forth their voices. From gang grooming to climate change to [...]

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#iwill Advent Calendar


Countdown to Christmas with the Power of Youth Each day of advent we'll be celebrating the incredible difference young people are making in their communities, by themselves and alongside the brilliant organisations who are part of the #iwill campaign. The #iwill campaign wants to make sure all young people have the opportunity to make a difference by taking part in social action. Together with our 300 #iwill ambassadors and 1000 organisation partners, we're asking for more to be done to support this. Find out how you can support the campaign as an organisation, or as a young person. [...]

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