Neema Women Community


NEEMA means a blessing, a favour, although it is done to someone and we think that women are a blessing made to humanity. We are a non-profit organization created by women, for women. We aim to take charge of mental health and well-being, providing support for personal, economic and social development and projects as well as educating future generation. The goal of our company is to improve the well-being of women from childhood to old age. We address risk factors that are directly related to "economic, social and sexual inequalities and prejudices". These inequalities affect the mental and emotional well-being of [...]

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PPE Hwb Wrecsam


PPE Hwb Wrecsam is a nonprofit organisation, run entirely by volunteers. It was formed in March 2020 by the groundswell desire to do something to help during the COVID19 pandemic. We already have volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and a wide range of ages, from age 16 and up, but are eager to have more young people involved with our project! We produce a faceshield that has been awarded a CE Mark Category III, the gold standard for PPE. We offer these faceshields entirely free of charge so that nobody has to do without them but rely entirely on [...]

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Bath Mind


Bath Mind is an independent local mental health charity working across B&NES & Wiltshire. We are here to promote & nurture everyone’s mental health through the provision of information, activities, advice & support. Pledge: Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities; Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action; Ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making Bath Mind pledge to make imaginative, wonderful, powerful projects happen, driven by young people. We pledge to support young people to boost their mental wellbeing and grow confidence, resilience & new skills. We pledge to involve young [...]

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  The RSA is a charity which encourages the release of human potential to address the challenges that society faces. Through our ideas, research and a 30,000 strong Fellowship we are a global community of proactive problem solvers, sharing powerful ideas, carrying out cutting-edge research and building networks and opportunities for people to collaborate, influence and demonstrate practical solutions to realise change. The RSA has been at the forefront of social change for over 260 years. Today our work focuses on supporting innovation in three major areas: education, the economy and public services. The RSA pledges to: Contribute to the evidence [...]


Royal Caledonian Education Trust


For over 200 years RCET: Scotland's Armed Forces Children's Charity has put the wellbeing and education of Armed Forces children and young people at the heart of everything we do. Today we provide life-changing support to thousands of children and young people across Scotland enabling them to reach their full potential. Through our Youth Participation Programme we seek to put the voices and experiences of Armed Forces young people at the heart of everything that we do. We work with young people to empower them to share their experiences, listening to them and giving them opportunities to share their views with [...]

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Changing Faces


Changing Faces is the UK’s leading charity for everyone with a scar, mark or condition on their face or body that makes them look different. We provide advice, support and psychosocial services to children, young people and adults. We challenge discrimination and we campaign for Face Equality: a world that truly values and respects people who look different. We want a future where everyone with a visible difference on their face or body has the confidence, support and opportunity to lead the lives they want. Pledge: Through our youth engagement work in Scotland we pledge to: Empower young people to use [...]

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YouthBorders is the network of voluntary and community-based youth organisations in the Scottish Borders, supporting and promoting good quality youth work. As a membership organisation, YouthBorders facilitates networking opportunities and events, and provides information and advice to voluntary and community-based youth organisations, their volunteers, trustees, youth workers, and other partners in the community. YouthBorders is recognised regionally as the strategic voice of third sector youth organisations and works closely with partners in the public sector to improve outcomes for young people. Pledge: Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action; Working in partnership with our members, [...]




Voluntary youth group part of a national organisation. We support children and young people from birth to 25. Pledge  Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities; Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action; Ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making; To enable young people to take on voluntary opportunities by providing training and support opportunities.


Small Woods Association


  Small Woods are the national charitable organisation standing for sustainable woods alive with wildlife, people and work. Championing sustainable woodlands management for wildlife, recreation and timber, whilst teaching practical skills. We promote the benefits and produce of small woodlands whilst encouraging people to appreciate their local woodland. We provide support and advice to the hands on woodlands owner, manager and enthusiast. Training a new generation of people to work within small woodlands through our apprenticeships and courses. The Telford Woods project sees the organisation, take over the management of 500 hectares of council woodland. Involving the community in their management. [...]

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The Pegasus Award CIC


The Pegasus Award CIC works with schools and youth organisations to promote increased progress, aspiration and resilience by developing key skills and by rewarding relative progression. The Pegasus Award is a 4-strand framework which, since its formation in 2014, has had a positive impact on over 5000 learners across the age and ability range and supports entirely the ethos and values associated with #iwill. Our Pledge: Promote the link between youth social action and employability, Communicate the benefits of youth social action to our employees and encourage them to volunteer in support of it. The Pegasus Award CIC is committed to [...]

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