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Centre for Youth Impact


The Centre for Youth Impact exists to support organisations across the whole youth sector to better understand and increase the impact of their work with young people.  One of the Centre's key mechanisms for doing so is establishing and supporting geographical and thematic networks of organisations for peer support, knowledge sharing, and access to expert support.  The Centre will deploy this expertise to support the #iwill campaign to understand the effects of high quality social action and how benefits can be expanded and maximised. The Centre is partnering with Generation Change, who are working with Dartington Social Research Unit to pilot a quality framework specifically [...]

Centre for Youth Impact2016-11-22T11:47:58+01:00

Virgin Money


Virgin Money will support the #iwill campaign by: Promoting the benefits of youth social action through our many existing social enterprise and community programmes Remaining committed to helping all young people be the best they can be

Virgin Money2016-11-18T12:48:50+01:00

Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN)


VSSN pledges to run a day seminar on youth social action during #iwill week 2016, in association with the #iwill campaign. The seminar will bring together researchers and practitioners interested in young people’s participation, highlighting existing and upcoming work in this area, and contribute to Step Up To Serve’s understanding of research relating to youth social action.

Voluntary Sector Studies Network (VSSN)2016-09-13T13:01:45+01:00

Power to Change


Power to Change will: Work with existing projects and grant recipients to encourage them to involve young people within their community business Work with #iwill partners to capitalise on the 'pipe-line' of young people inclined to become involved with, or start, community businesses Share relevant resources that support young people to explore opportunities for getting involved in local community businesses

Power to Change2016-09-12T16:30:58+01:00



Support the campaigns sub-goals by opening up opportunities for young people from groups least likely to take part in youth social action. Support organisations to be able to create inclusive opportunities Encourage those that Zing fund to pledge their support the campaign Open up new funds and/or broaden scope of current funds to enable youth social action provision to grow Embed the six quality principles for youth social action into shortlisting and/or assessment process Contribute to demonstrating the impact of youth social action by sharing research and case studies from funded organisations Engage in the agenda with other funders to develop the work [...]


Suffolk Community Foundation


  Support the investment of funds to create youth social action opportunities, enabling more young people to be involved in our local community Look at where youth social action can form part of future grant opportunities across our community foundation Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, encouraging partner organisations to look at how they can contribute to the campaign

Suffolk Community Foundation2015-09-03T08:58:12+01:00

Norfolk Community Foundation


Work with Step Up To Serve & the Cabinet Office through UKCF to support the development of a Youth Social Action Fund to address inequalities in social action in the East of England Support the investment of funds to create youth social action opportunities, enabling more young people to be involved in our local community Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, highlighting the value of youth social action to Norfolk donors Help to promote the #iwill campaign by following and interacting with #iwill social media activity Provide the opportunity for young people to learn more about their community through [...]

Norfolk Community Foundation2015-09-01T09:06:08+01:00

UK Community Foundations


Work with Step Up To Serve & the Cabinet Office to support the development of a Youth Social Action fund to address inequalities in social action in the East of England Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, encouraging members to pledge their support to the campaign and be involved in supporting youth social action Join our #iwill campaign funder steering group to look at developing collaborative approaches to address barriers in growing youths social action provision Share the six quality principles with UKCF members to think about how they can embed them into future grant programmes

UK Community Foundations2015-08-19T14:35:59+01:00

Heritage Lottery


Continue to invest in youth social action through our Young Roots grants programme, investing up to £4million a year until 2018 Share the six quality principles with HLF grantees who are engaging young people Highlight great examples of youth social action where young people are caring for and sharing our diverse heritage.

Heritage Lottery2015-06-05T09:15:22+01:00

Dr Hadwen Trust


We pledge: To encourage and support young people to act as ambassadors for change, where they champion medical research without the use of animals. To offer young people a range of social action opportunities in our retail shop, through fundraising and awareness-raising activities. To place young people at the heart of our decision-making by recruiting and retaining two young trustees aged 18-25 to serve on our board of trustees. To support our young trustees and provide them with the skills they need to carry their duties out through our induction and on-going training programme.

Dr Hadwen Trust2015-05-11T15:07:03+01:00

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Dean Bradley House, 3rd floor, 52 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2AF

Phone: 07764 917 165

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