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#iwill Fund Learning Hub Releases Two New Papers Impact Accelerator Initial Insights Report 20/5/2019 Download here. This paper was produced as part of the #iwill Learning Hub's Quality Practice workstream, which seeks to identify strengths and weaknesses in youth social action delivery by supporting learning and improvement amongst delivery organisations and sharing the resulting learning with funders and beyond.  At the core of this workstream is a 12-month learning and evaluation scheme called the Impact Accelerator. The work is led by Generation Change, who are the authors of this paper.  Dartington’s Service Design Lab’s work leading the #iwill Fund Learning Hub. [...]

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British Blind Sport


British Blind Sport pledge to: • Enable blind and partially sighted young people to have the same opportunities as sighted people in sport. • Support young people with a VI to access positive volunteering experiences. • Help young people with a VI to act as ambassadors, to promote what is possible and encourage their peers to reach their maximal potential. • Share the journeys of young leaders on our See My Voice sports leadership programme, to empower and inspire others to take social action. • Connect young people with key decision makers in sport and physical activity to share their experience [...]

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Royal Horticultural Society


We pledge to: Develop new, youth-friendly social action opportunities. Promote and celebrate the positive role young people can play through social action. Ensure young people have a voice and are represented in decision-making.

Royal Horticultural Society2017-10-24T10:48:18+01:00

Sport England


Sport England pledges to Match the £1.5million invested through the #iwill fund through our Potentials Fund to support youth social action Inspire and support our partners to adopt the six principles of youth social action into their work Share insight and join the conversation about how to drive excellent social action experiences Use our communications channels to celebrate young people who lead social action and recognise their contribution to both themselves and the community Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign and encourage our partners to help grow youth social action

Sport England2017-07-07T09:46:40+01:00

IVAR (Institute for Voluntary Action Research)


IVAR is an independent charity that works closely with people and organisations striving for social change. We pledge to support youth social action by: Sharing insights from the evaluation of the National Youth Social Action Fund, illustrating how communities can support young people to do good Making relevant research publicly available to funders and small voluntary organisations supporting youth social action

IVAR (Institute for Voluntary Action Research)2017-06-01T13:11:03+01:00

Co-op Foundation


The Co-op Foundation will champion youth social action by: Contributing at least £1million to match the #iwill fund, creating more high-quality and sustainable opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas Facilitating learning between our network of partner organisations about what works in improving and extending social action opportunities, and sharing this through the #iwill Learning Hub Promoting the value of social action within the co-operative movement, as a means of developing young people’s character in ways which reflect co-operative values

Co-op Foundation2017-05-17T16:48:50+01:00

Comic Relief


 Support the #iwill campaign's objectives by investing £1million in 2017 as match-funding with the #iwill Fund to develop meaningful youth social action opportunities for young people. Utilise the opportunity provided through the #iwill Fund Learning Hub, as well as our wider learning and evaluation work, to contribute to discussion and debate about the development of high quality social action experiences. Work with other funders to develop the work in this area by becoming an advocate for the value of youth social action. Act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, sharing our success story and encouraging our partners to be involved [...]

Comic Relief2017-03-23T09:43:39+00:00

Virgin Money Foundation


Virgin Money Foundation pledge to: Be an ambassador for the #iWill campaign and raise awareness of the benefits of youth social action. Work with other funders and partners to promote high quality youth social action opportunities, particularly across the North East of England and look to break down some of the financial and cultural barriers that prevent some young people from taking part. Highlight the importance of young people having a voice in the design and delivery of any investment in youth social action.

Virgin Money Foundation2017-03-07T11:26:25+00:00

The National Lottery Community Fund


The National Lottery Community Fund pledge to:  Support the #iwill campaign’s objectives by investing £20million into the #iwill Fund to develop meaningful youth social action opportunities that enable young people to take the lead across England  Utilise the opportunity provided through the #iwill Fund Learning Hub, as well as our wider learning and evaluation work, to contribute to discussion and debate about the development of high quality social action experiences.  Ensure learning from #iwill Fund informs The National Lottery Community Fund’s approach to supporting youth social action across the UK Work with other funders to develop the work in this area by [...]

The National Lottery Community Fund2019-07-29T16:58:15+01:00



Aimia’s Data Philanthropy programme is a skills-based volunteering initiative at Aimia. Each year we pair analysts with charities to help them use their data to drive improvements in their operations, fundraising and recruiting. For the #Iwill project we used open source data and statistical software to create a maps of schools that could benefit from social action. This analysis and mapping will help Youth Social Action (YSA) charities understand and identify potential new schools where YSA could have a positive benefit.   Aimia analysts will continue to support the #iwill campaign throughout 2017 by helping the Step up to Serve team measure and visualise the improvement [...]


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