How are you growing the Power of Youth?


How is your organisation growing the Power of Youth? A lot has changed since the #iwill campaign began in 2013, growing from 50 pledging partners to over 1000 today. We want to thank you for the support you've given the campaign - together, we have laid the foundations to change the perception and role of young people in society. However, we know we cannot plan for the future without understanding where we are now. We want to find out how far you've come, by asking you sharing an up-to-date reflection of how your organisation is working with young people [...]

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#iwill Ambassador story: From volunteer to career


"My first job interview for an apprenticeship, I had no 'work experience' whatsoever..." Patrick Cantellow became an #iwill Ambassador in 2016, following his work with  NCS and Swale Young People. He is now Chair of Youth Employment UK’s Youth Board. Here, Patrick speaks to Youth Employment UK about how his social action journey has given him the skills, connections and inspiration to build his career. Interview You are a great ambassador for social action having started quite young, can you tell me about the types of activity and organisations you have been [...]

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The slow road back to classrooms- #iwill Ambassador reflections


"School is not just where we learn, it is where we socialise, play and grow as young people...." The aim is that all children will be back in their classrooms by September. Even then, social distancing may make school a very different place than it was before and pupils may struggle to adjust or catch up after so long at home. Issues of student wellbeing will need to be high priority, as will a rising disparity between students from wealthier and poorer backgrounds.  In this blog, we hear from #iwill Ambassadors on their perspectives on going [...]

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How can we transform education? Saeed Atcha speaks to Big Change


"We can solve some of society’s greatest problems by empowering young people..." #iwill Ambassador Saeed Atcha MBE, 23, is CEO of youth charity Youth Leads. Here, he is interviewed by Big Change, a youth education charity committed to an education system that gives young people what they need to thrive.  Why are you so passionate about the role of young people in society? We can solve some of society’s greatest problems by empowering young people. We don’t need to give young people a voice. Young people have always got the voice, it’s about amplifying it. Young [...]

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Young people are still waiting to be heard


Calling on the Prime Minister to hold a youth press conference Nearly two months ago, we joined with over 90 cross-sector organisations and 150 youth representatives to share an open letter calling on the Prime Minister to hold a dedicated press conference for young people to address their questions on Covid-19. Despite positive conversations with 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister has yet to make a commitment.  This is despite leadership being shown by First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, Welsh Education Minister Kirsty Williams, Mayor Greater Manchester Andy [...]

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Loneliness Awareness Week: Blog


Loneliness Awareness Week: What has loneliness got to do with young people? Young people are often considered to be super social - to be out and about with friends more than other groups in society. But in fact, studies have shown that young people report being lonely more than any other group. This can only be increased by the current pandemic, as young people are isolated from schoolmates, family members and friends - with most contact happening through a screen. So what can be done to support young people, and how are young people themselves taking [...]

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Carers week: Young carers in lockdown


Being a young carer in lockdown It's estimated that there are at least 700,000 young carers in the UK. Young carers may look after parents, siblings or other family members, and may handle a huge range of tasks from personal care such as dressing and washing, to household chores, to managing family finances or arranging health care or benefits. During lockdown, many young carers have lost the support and respite that they would normally receive. Young people who may not have been carers before are now supporting family members newly ill, or helping parents to manage [...]

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#iwill Ambassador blog: Global Changemakers


How can young people lead action on the Sustainable Development Goals? #iwill Ambassadors Mhairi and Emily share their experiences of the Global Changemakers Virtual Youth Summit, focused on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Summit The five day Virtual Youth Summit was more than just a youth conference, it was the creation of a community of 1400 like minded individuals passionate about creating positive change from 125 countries around the world.  Before the event, we weren’t sure what to expect - we were looking forward to it, but didn't think we would [...]

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The Power Of Youth Campaign


The Power of Youth - in this pandemic and as we rebuild We’re launching the Power of Youth campaign - a nationwide collaborative effort aiming to recognise young people for their efforts, empower more young people to make a difference, and give young people opportunities to shape their future. What is the #PowerOfYouth campaign about? During this global pandemic, now more than ever we need young people to be active citizens. They have the talent, energy and ideas to make a powerful difference both in the immediate response to this crisis, and to build [...]

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#iwill Ambassador Gabrielle – How can the NHS listen?


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed our health inequalities - but what can the NHS do to work with communities and young people? #iwill Ambassador Gabrielle Mathews has seen all sides of the NHS. She has been a long-term patient, a medical student, a Youth Forum Member, a volunteer, and now sits on the NHS Assembly. In this challenging blog, she reflects on why community and youth engagement is so important, and considers how engagement can be most successful.  My journey in Health As an NHS Assembly member, it is important to me that we commit to [...]

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